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Tree planting year after year, generation of afforestation into forest, Arbor Day happy! Arbor Day is a festival that publicizes and protects trees in accordance with the law and organizes and mobilizes the masses to actively participate in afforestation activities. The air after the gentle breeze and drizzle was particularly fresh and refreshing, and the tree planting activity kicked off with everyone's laughter. Everyone worked together, shoveling and digging holes, carrying seedlings to support seedlings, covering soil, watering, etc. All links were orderly and cooperated tacitly. They planted carefully and worked hard. The entire tree-planting site was bustling and full of excitement. The hard work pays off. After a morning of hard work, everyone's efforts have also been rewarded. A total of about 40 longan trees, yellow barb trees, lychee trees, cherry trees, vines, etc. were planted. This event not only responded to the government's call for green environmental protection, contributed to Guangzhou's green water and blue sky, and practiced green actions, but also contributed to the country's advocacy of low-energy environmental protection and a green and low-carbon life society. The tree planting activities have aroused everyone's enthusiasm for tree love and afforestation, and realized that what trees bring us is not only the protection of a beautiful environment, but also the way of ecological coexistence and harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

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